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The Everyday Shaman

2021 - Following the Call of Spirit

As physicists, scholars, and innumerable shamans and enlightened minds past and present have agreed, the universe is an immeasurable sea of energy. As beings of light and energy, we must harmoniously coexist on this planet.  with each other and every living creature. We each need healing of some kind throughout our lives. In addition, this planet is in a chaotic state. Mother Earth also needs healing. That is why I have dedicated myself to traveling this country, bringing help, healing, and betterment to all in need.

2019 was an amazing year. Traveling from mid-February until early December, accompanied by my wife and dogs, I covered over 15,000 miles and visited over 20 states taking in the splendor and beauty of this country and meeting many wonderful, unique individuals at every turn. Our plans for a 2020 journey were put on indefinite hold as the COVID-19 virus wrought havoc worldwide. Now, as we begin a new year, I look to 2021 as an opportunity to bring healing and insight as more people begin to 'emerge', searching for that 'something' that has remained elusive. 

We have put down roots in the woodlands of Central Virginia, establishing a home and sanctuary - a retreat for the soul and a perfect location for healing, betterment and centering for any who are searching. We are located directly between Richmond and Charlottesville, VA., approximately an hour in either direction.

I look forward to bringing healing and betterment to others here in Virginia and elsewhere around the world.

Services & Offerings

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** An Important Word About 'Payment' **

My services do not reflect suggested rates on the 'Services' page.

A Donation towards services is very much appreciated.

Donations & Contributions (payments) are gladly accepted but not required.

Although everyone needs income to survive in this material world, including myself, providing betterment shouldn't come at a ridiculous cost.  


I do, however, believe that an energetic exchange is necessary in order to sustain a natural, positive balance within both the receiver and provider of healing and betterment.


What comes around goes around. Yin and Yang.

I have a firmly held belief is that healing should be given whenever possible to anyone who genuinely requests and requires assistance. No one should ever be denied attention, whatever their financial circumstance. I've received exchanges ranging from cash or tips to gifts such as books or handmade items. Bartering services is also an option.


I do not provide these offerings as strictly a means to financial gain.

Do good, provide help with love and that good and love will in some way be returned. This is my conviction.


Some, if not most issues cannot be resolved in only an hour. I continue the session until I'm guided to stop. Normally, one can expect a session to last no less than 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

If follow up sessions are needed, It can be discussed afterward. Just as we are all unique, so are our needs for assistance and healing.

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** Licensed and Insured **

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