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Distance Energy Healing

Healing Without Travel

  • 2 hours
  • Donations Accepted
  • Distance

Service Description

Everyone and everything is composed of pure energy and that energy is fluid, most healing sessions can be performed remotely, via Distance Work. Any Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Shamanic practices can be performed through distance healing. ** Please Note: I am not a psychic. When scheduling, I ask that one provide as much information as possible or is comfortable. Any physical issues, spiritual issues, etc. Also, if known, how long the issues have been happening. Although I work within the physical and spiritual realms, I cannot successfully provide assistance without having a clear intention. Thank you. ** Distance healing work is performed in a controlled and spiritually prepared environment. Prior to the scheduled session, I will converse either by email or by phone with the one needing help to get an idea of what issues the individual is experiencing. The healing space is prepared specifically for each individual requesting assistance as well as for the protection and guidance for myself and the individual as the healing is being given, just as if the person was with me in person. The distance session lasts approximately two hours. After the session, I write a comprehensive and detailed account of what was performed during the session, what issues were found and addressed, and what information I'm led to share with the recipient. I will also follow up with the distance healing recipient, ensuring their betterment and whether more work is needed. I do ask that sessions are scheduled online so that both the recipient and myself have a 'connection' by knowing exactly when the distance healing is being performed.

Contact Details


308 Scenic River Drive, Columbia, VA, USA

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