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First off, this is not a Christmas, Holiday or Chrismakwaanzukkah post. It is December 25th, 2016 but it isn't a 'feel good', 'all is well, peace on earth' type blog entry.

But Jeff, doesn't that make you a Scrooge?

No. No, it doesn't at all.

I've enjoyed Christmas time since I was a kid. It isn't because of the anticipation of "What am I gonna get this year? Will I finally get that '67 'Vette?" As a matter of fact, there are very, very few Christmas gifts that I remember receiving as a kid. A drum set stands out as one, as does the Astronaut G.I. Joe.

As an adult, gifts turned to various articles of clothing and utility items - pots and pans, pressure cooker, a toolbox - signaling that playtime was over on Christmas mornings.

Those gifts - the ones I remember and the many that I don't remember - they were things. Nothing more. What I remember from those Christmas mornings is a roomful of smiles, laughter - love. Gifts that have kept on giving - sort of like the Jelly of the Month club.

There ... now, that is a gift ... love.

This is a day that puts a cap on a tumultuous month. I'll not elaborate, as my tumultuous month most likely pales in comparison to many, many others out there in the world.

Those 'others' and I share something, however. We recognize the inane nature of those who complain about virtually anything.

"Oh my god! My neck hurts!. Ouch! Ayeayeaye!" The reaction to having woken with a 'crick in the neck."

"Ugh. this drip in my throat won't stop. How much snot can be in my head?!" Cough. Cough. (Insert pitiful voice for effect.)

"Yeah, I like my gifts but I really wanted ____________ (insert material item here)."

My point isn't to minimize or ignore the physical pain or discomfort felt by others. Except for the selfishness of the "Waaah! I didnt get what I wanted," complaint, which is simply sad. Everyone, (raising hand too) does it.

My point is that no amount of complaining will ease that pain. Pain and sickness, discomfort of many kinds affect nearly everyone. That's life. We each signed up for this gig (kicking and screaming and covered in goo) so why bitch about the small things? Do people simply want to elicit attention or share their misery with those who are otherwise doing okay?

Back to my tumultuous month ... I lost my mother. I held her hand and stroked her face as she took her last breath. She never complained though she suffered from a volume of ailments. She lived. She appreciated every day, despite her pain or sniffles.

Today also marks the ninth straight Christmas of my not seeing or hearing from either of my children - now adults in their 20's. Painful? A little. But, it's their burden to shoulder ... I'll not complain.

But Jeff, why not?

Good question. I'll not complain because I long ago found peace within myself - anything more comes from them. I can't control how they feel or act any more than they can control me.

Our culture is one of instant gratification and assured relief from all that causes complaint. Or so we think ...

Think of the ones outside of your front door. There's a lot of people out there. Homelessness. Cancer. Loneliness. Hospitalization. Estrangement. Poverty. Hunger. Somewhere, someone - possibly someone you know - is suffering from one of these or a host of other negative words.

Love who you're with while you can. Always suppress the negativity and turn it around into something positive. Neck hurts? Move your legs. Snot is dripping down the back of your throat? Make a hot cup of tea and cover yourself with a blanket. You see, in these two small examples, there's many others worldwide - or nearby - who can't walk, are bedridden or have nothing at all to eat, drink or even cover themselves for warmth.

And lastly, if you still feel the need to complain (and who doesn't from time to time, myself included) - do so in silence. The negativity you harbor doesn't need to be shared. Negativity is like a virus. It doesn't take medication to eradicate that virus, either. Think about it ... one shred of positivity is like a flu-bomb.

Raise your vibrations, people. Be a light, not a wet blanket. The earth needs good vibes, high frequency vibes. After all, disease is really nothing more than dis-ease.

It's our choice how to we react to life's curve balls and snot balls. Take the pitch - grimace in silence - walk to first base and know that you're now seen as a tough, self-healing, 'strong and silent' type. Then, while you grimace, think to yourself, "Well, I suppose it could be worse. The pitch coulda been low and hit me in the balls."

There are worse things.


(and Merry Chrismakwaanzukkah)

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