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The Ugly Truth About Worth

The most difficult thing in life - for anyone - might be coming to the point of determining if what you’re doing is worth the effort.

Allow me to elaborate, from my personal perspective. I’ve known since I was a young child that I was to help others. I didn’t know how, or why, I was to help ... only that I had that mission. That insight came to me when I was only eight or nine years old.

Now, almost fifty years later, I’m still trying to discern that direction. I’m getting closer, but my ego cries out, “Why me?”

As I settle into a place of self-acceptance, acting on my inner voice’s wisdom, doubts about my role in this world, this earthly incarceration, creep in. Ego begins to invade

my thoughts. “Who are you to make a difference?,” I ask myself.

It is a question that we all ask ourselves at some point. The world we live in is in turmoil and it’s been in turmoil for centuries. Humanity hasn’t changed despite the increased knowledge and supposed ‘enlightenment’ that humankind has experienced. In a word, humankind is still selfish and self-absorbed.

The encouraging, and discouraging, thing about this is that we can all decide for ourselves what we choose to believe about ourselves, our world, and those we share life with. It’s a choice - a personal choice - when we accept or reject an ideology. But, how we make that decision take effort. Either we choose to accept what we’re told or taught or we choose to trust what we know innately.

In a nutshell, the truth isn’t always pretty. The truth can be painful and can take away things we hold precious. The truth can scar us emotionally and psychologically. But, what is true will never mislead us.

Your worth as an individual is immeasurable. Your inner voice never lies - you only need to discern the message. Never let anyone steal your voice with their words.

Your worth is more than a look, a style or a bank account Your worth is much more. It is your words, your thoughts, your intention. Your worth is your soul’s purpose for being here.

Be that voice, that Intention that causes a positive change for others who are searching.

That is your worth.

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