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How it all Started

In the beginning, there were words. And, the words usually came naturally during late night hours. They were words rife with sarcasm, cynicism, and truth. And the words resonated with people - people who were of like mind and searching for meaning. People who could peer through the sarcasm, cynicism, and humor and grasp a message.

Then, like a black hole swallows neighboring star system, the words stopped. The humor directed at life’s inanity vanished like a gnat fart in a hurricane. What happened to silence the words? Charcoal-laden underwear? A less fibrous diet? No, the words were still there, shrouded in humor that today’s mankind couldn’t accept.

And then, it happened. The words forced themselves free from frozen fingers and a mind transfixed by political correctness. After years of silence, watching society decay, the words returned.

“Let there be humor,“ said the light. “Let there be enlightenment,” said Source.

And thenceforth came a rebirth of spirit - spirit of, “well shit, ain‘t this some twilight zone bullshit?” And from that rebirth was borne hope. Hope for humanity, hope for self.

lLaugh when you can. Express yourself in your own way, no matter how silly or stupid it seems.

The word is humor. The humor is life. Life isn’t meant to be taken seriously. What fun would that be?

(insert fart joke here)


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