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Shaken, not Interred

“Hey man, cool t-shirt. I love it but I wouldn't have the balls to wear it.”

Those words coming from the mouth of a 20-something kid surprised me.

“Yeah, you could,” I countered. I could see curiosity and enthusiasm on his face mixed with an equal amount of disappointment in his voice.

The shirt was one I’d purchased months before writing my memoir, The Everyday Shaman - One Man's Journey into the Miraculous. On the front of the t-shirt, the words “I didn’t change, I just woke up,” had both captured the attention of and elicited comments from more than a few people.

Since that day, I've learned that those words neatly sum up a profound truth that can easily be misplaced or dismissed as one’s “spiritual” journey progresses.

It is because of those seven words words - I didn't change, I just woke up - and the fear of publicly proclaiming that sentiment (along with an image of Buddha) that was shown by that enthusiastic, smiling 20-something kid that compels me to make something very clear.

Nowhere does it say that having a "spiritual awakening" requires one to flip-flop and discard personality for piety.

As I stated in my memoir, there isn't a rule book for this stuff. Nor is there a single, prescribed process for attaining that "Aha!" moment of clarity.

On the contrary, brethren. If anything, that "Aha!" moment should amplify individuality and the positive aspects of personality.

A very important - nay, vital - aspect of my authentic self was not only unchanged, but instead made more prominent after I ‘woke up.’ That aspect? Humor.

Sure, the 'connection' aspects, intuitive abilities, and empathic qualities gained altered my outlook and thought process in many ways. However, inside, I was (and am still) a human being - Jeffrey Brunk - and I now had an awareness of how the positive and negative human qualities that I possessed contained immense power.

To be quite honest, there is no "piety" aspect involved in anyone's life - awakened or not. One stray negative intention as simple as, "I hope that the asshole tailgating me rear-ends my truck," throws piety out the window.

My reason for mentioning this is simple ... I like to laugh and I like to make others laugh - I always have. Laughter is a healer in and of itself - both for the giver and receiver.

My daily life isn't filled with meditation, chanting, "Om" and a sporting a perma-smile. There is an underlying gratitude for everything - positive and negative - because life would be pretty damned boring without one or the other. One constant, however, is my enduring appreciation for humor. The positives are made better and the negatives are polarized by humor.

Be certain that whether here on this website, on my YouTube channel, in my blogs or in face to face encounters, I'm staying true to my personality and sense of humor. I'm aware that humor is subjective. And .... so what?

Don't be surprised if you see a video here or on YouTube of me speaking in the voice of a southern, evangelical preacher and giving an impromptu horoscope reading. Oh, and there might very well be some expletives thrown in - because, hey, that's part of who I am.

Use that awakening time and realize the unlimited potential of your personality and individuality. Then, focus intently on the positives of that potential while not forgetting that the negative is a thought away.

Shake it up. Laugh. It's an "awakening," not a wake.


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