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Long Division

Between the whole and the divisor is a line. The whole is humanity. The divisor is ego. The line is spirit.

We as a whole have reached a point in our lifetime that the divisor is greater than the line. The human ego, hubris, has overridden the line between humanity and spirit.

It is important to keep in mind that the body is a vessel for spirit - in other words, humanity is the keeper of that Line. We are to make a choice as vessels of spirit - will we be vessels that radiate light or vessels that harbor the darkness?

Humanity isn’t unique. Humanity is part of a universal collective energy. We are all the same, yet unique. The key being, we’re the same, we’re united as one as humanity.

Yet, despite our deepest, inner knowledge of this, we somehow forget, or simply dismiss, the fact that we’re collectively tied to one another and, to a greater degree, nature and the universe. We allow our own self-interests and opinions, many of which have been ingrained in our minds by societal constructs and familial upbringing, to stifle our inner voice and follow the voices of anyone who espouses an ideology that preys on one’s fear and/or lack of self-worth.

So, the line - the spirit - is overridden by the ego. And when this happens, the decay of humanity accelerates. Without that line of spirit between ego and humanity, we are destined to be the creators of our own demise.

Listen to that voice that whispers to you in those fleeting moments of doubt. That’s the line between your ego and the collective - spirit - calling on you to listen, discern, and not follow but lead - be an example of humanity that is led by spirit.


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I needed to hear this again. Thank you my friend!🦋💜🦋

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