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Mother Earth is a bit Pissed

Well, I've tried. I really have. This entire election year has been the equivalent of an extended version of 'Titanic' - particularly the ending when Jack hangs onto the piece of wood before freezing to death and sinking to his watery grave.

The differences in the movie's ending and the potential outcome of this 'election' are fairly obvious. First, Titanic is a dramatic movie while the other is a comedic farce. Secondly, the while everyone on board the Titanic was aware of their fate, very few people in this election year are aware of the fate that awaits them despite who they sweep under the ... I mean, into office.

Ironic, isn't it? Ironic that so many believe whatever they're told even as they watch the ship sinking? If it's on the internet, or the television,it must be true, right? Uh, nope.

Listen to what's inside.

It's exactly the same when it comes to the fate of our existence. How? Because we're freakin' killing our planet. Mass extinctions of species - some previously uknown; birds falling from the sky; sea creatures beaching themselves, filled with toxic waste that we - humanity - just toss aside because we think we own this big, round ball.

There's speculation that the next great mass extinction will be humanity. Extinction - not because an asteroid is headed our way or due to some dumbass with mommy issues launching a nuclear assault. Although either could surely happen, humanity's extinction will come as a result of our own disregard for what we have - a place we call 'home.' Humanity will die off from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Insanity.

How does this election play into Mother Nature being pissed? It's a simple answer, really. Partisanship doesn't matter. It's an utter disregard for anything environmentally advantageous to the planet due to one thing - the universal appeal of the almighty dollar. And, this election has clearly shown how far the almighty dollar can go. However, when it's all said and done, Mother Nature doesn't give a rat's patootie about wealth. People dig up old coins from fallen civilizations and failed empires daily. Those coins have no value in our world today.

We're ignorant if we think that the planet hasn't wiped the slate clean and started over many times before we claimed ownership. Our quarter will be nothing more than an antique in someone's collection someday.

Be quiet. Turn off the television and computer. Go outside. Feel the wind. Listen to the trees. Key word - Listen.

Listen to that screaming whisper that's saying, "Wise up. You know all you need to know. Listen before it's too late."

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