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   "Shamans throughout the ages have relied upon the light that is within us all as a source of guidance, love, respect, understanding, and healing for all living creatures and for the planet that is humanity’s shared home.


   Unfortunately, that spark is engulfed in a glob of muck. Materialism, career, image, the pursuit of money, the multitude of distractions and entertainment – all of it stifling the inner whispers and only briefly satisfying a deeply felt need for something more, something we can’t quite seem to find; all of it consuming the very thing everyone searches to find: the spark inside that is our connection to everyone and everything."

Welcome! My name is Jeffrey Brunk. I am a formally trained, and certified Usui Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner. In addition, I am an ordained, non-denominational minister through the Universal Life Church as well as a published author.

I first had an unrecognized 'knowing' at age nine that I was different in some way. I felt that I was meant to help others somehow, yet had no clue what to do to provide that help. I vividly remember my grandmother telling me at the time, "Remember who you are." I had no clue what she meant, and would only uncover the meaning years later. Over the course of my childhood, I kept to myself for the most part, having very few friends but many acquaintances. It remains this way for me to this day. I attribute this to most others not understanding me, viewing me as strangely different, or unsure how to relate.


My life's journey has taken me in many directions. I've worked in both white-collar and blue-collar environments, owned my own businesses, and quite literally worked with ditch-diggers as well as CEO's, business owners, and government agencies. You name it, I've tried it ... from stockbroker to art director, and cable installer to national sales manger for international corporations. Despite the variety of roles I've had, and the knowledge I gained along the way, I have always been beckoned by the underlying whispers of that 'knowing' I had as a child - that I was meant to be of service to others and the planet. 

After experiencing an extremely intense traumatic period in my life, I was 'nudged' to investigate energy healing, not knowing exactly what to expect. After four years of study and practice, I was certified as an Usui Reiki Master. Not long after, I was again 'nudged', this time to shamanism - a move that has profoundly shaped my life as well as the lives of others.


Several years and many tribulations later, I was 'directed' by the Divine to share my story. As a result, I wrote "The Everyday Shaman," my personal story of transformation. Not long afterwards, I was guided to travel the land - with my wife - to be of service by bringing betterment and healing to others and the land wherever that healing is needed. 

Despite objections and scorn I've received from other 'spiritual healers', It is my strong belief that providing healing is not an avenue for financial gain. However, donations or gifts of some type allow an even exchange of energy and prevents an energetic imbalance which aids in ensuring inner peace. 

Do good, provide help with love and that good and love will in some way be returned. This is my conviction.

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