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The Everyday Shaman - The Retreat


The word itself implies peace, safety, and acceptance . 

Sanctuary is located in Central Virginia, surrounded by nature, and situated on the banks of Virginia's historic Rivanna river. This area was once inhabited by the Monacan Nation and served as a ceremonial destination for indigenous peoples from up and down the east coast as well as others east of the Mississippi River.


The Everyday Shaman offers visitors a welcoming, personalized experience. The energy of the land at Sanctuary is palpable from the moment you arrive. Whether your intention is to find healing of the mind, body, increase knowledge of healing modalities and universal truths, strengthen your connection to nature and self, or simply find peace and acceptance in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, you can fulfill that intention at Sanctuary. 

** Please note: At this time, The Everyday Shaman offers a flexible 3-4 day personalized retreat experience for those who I am currently assisting or have previously provided assistance. If you have an interest in Sanctuary, please contact me or schedule a session through the Services page.**

Sanctuary can currently provide accommodations for 1-2 individuals. Please contact with questions.

Our vision is to expand Sanctuary in order to accommodate a larger number of people.


I am of the conviction that each individual is on their own personal journey. Personalized attention is vital to one's growth, learning, or healing process. For this reason, there will always be a small number of visitors at any one time, even after the expansion is complete. 


If you would like to help contribute to the expansion of Sanctuary and the betterment of others, click here. Thank You!

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