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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to provide healing and betterment!


There aren't any coincidences in life, and the simple fact that we are drawn towards

ones who can provide help during times of need is a blessing. 

For me, it is both an honor and a blessing to provide betterment wherever and whenever it is needed.

Others are needed to share their Light in this world - especially in these times of increasing darkness - and having the opportunity to help others heal mind, body, and spirit so that they are better able to shine and share gifts of the spirit in their day to day lives is humbling.

I do strongly believe that in order to maintain a positive balance through betterment, there must be an exchange of positive energy. 

I will never deny anyone who genuinely requests assistance and I understand financial constraints. 

However, to maintain that positive balance after healing, an exchange of energy is necessary between giver and receiver.

Doing this for others feeds my spirit. Donations feed my stomach. 


Like everyone else, I also have to live in this material world. This is why I ask for donations as opposed to set in stone rates for my services.

** I understand that financial offerings aren't possible at times. An exchange of energy isn't always monetary. I've received books, artworks created by clients, and testimonials - the simplest yet often most heartfelt exchange possible. **


Any amount that one can afford is truly appreciated. 

Thank You!

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