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Shamanism, Reiki, and Energy Healing



Shamans communicate with the Divine and other elements of both light and dark. These elements surround us and are within us, found in nature, humanity, the past, present, future, and the divinity that is manifest throughout the known universe and beyond. Shamanism isn't a form of religion, but a spiritual practice and way of living a human life in harmony with these elements. Shamans pray in a focused intentional manner, honor the plants and animal spirits, and perform healing work. Normally, shamanic healing is performed while the shaman is in an altered state of consciousness. 

Many people like myself, are bestowed with wonderful gifts and are adopting and embracing the shamanic divinity/nature-based methods of energetic healing. As with Reiki, shamanic practice is also an intention-focused form of energy healing. My shamanic work is most times focused on Shadow work, soul retrieval, and Lightwork, each of which is described below.


Usui Reiki 

Reiki - or Energy Healing - is a very effective form of alternative medicine. Sometimes classified as Eastern medicine by some professional medical bodies, Reiki has been practiced for centuries worldwide. Practitioners transfer light - or energy - using focused intention anchored in genuine love and compassion for the betterment of the one receiving assistance.

Although energy healing is given through the hands (light touch or no touch), it can also be received using the same focused intention from a distance. I rely upon traditional Native American and Indigenous shamanic practices in addition to Reiki for much of my work. Intention rooted in betterment and love is the key!

I use an energetic combination of Reiki and shamanic practices that vary depending on an individual's need. 

Types of Shamanic Practice

There are primarily three variations of shamanic practice - four if counting soul retrieval. Although most shamanic practitioners focus on a singular modality, it is possible for some, myself included, to possess the gift (blessing) and ability to navigate through two or more of these practices. Although my experience with energy healing began within the scope of lightwork, I have gradually been led to do much of my energy healing 'down in the dirt',  walking within the shadow world and lower realms. This growth has been quite intense and extremely rewarding. My exposure to dark work practice has also been expanded, and, despite the potential dangers, has proven to be beneficial to others as well.

Following are brief explanations of the variations of shamanic practice. Please keep in mind that Reiki and shamanic practice are not independent of each other. Indeed, they overlap in many ways as all energy healing is based upon the intention of betterment for individuals, nature, and humanity.

Light work indicates practices of both physical (botanicals, potions, song, etc), and non-physical skills.  The non-physical work is generally limited to journeying for self and others and working on the edge of invoking the energies of others (client not included in this category). 

A Light Worker might use the aid of spiritual entities and guides to assist in healing or take others to where they need to learn.  Herbal lore, botanical medicine, and many practical skills like midwifery all fall under Light Work.


Shadow work indicates practices of non-physical skills generally involving journeying including interactions with others and independent entities and energies, physical and trans-literal journey-based seeking, searching, and calling.  Shadow work may also include advanced healing practices including demon - or low vibration energies - handling and soul-seeking, and guidance.

Shadow work exposes the practitioner to deeper trials as the very practice often involves exchanges and negotiations with other entities of varying motivations and power, not always 'nice' and lovable.  Journeys undertaken in Shadow Work can have very positive direct and physical consequences for both the practitioner and the client. 


Soul retrieval, advanced healing including shape-shifting and psychic surgery, soul guidance, seeking, and searching are all aspects of Shadow work.  Think of the contrast between Light and Shadow work as the difference between being a cleaner at the zoo, or a vet interacting with the animals directly.  Both are important, but one carries far greater personal exposure.


Dark work is the deepest of the shamanic practices and almost always involves direct and personal interaction with potential and sometimes malevolent entities and energies.  Curses and energetic attacks, demonic extractions, dispossessions, and exorcisms are typical of the level of practice in dark work.

Those undertaking Dark work normally have had substantial training and/or experience with shadow work, a lot of personal growth, and considerable trials which will require every bit of courage, resolve, and strength they can muster.  Before one can help someone else, he or she must first deal with what is in their own life.  The stripping away of one's illusions, the experience of death and dismemberment, of the cycle of life which all must honor, willingly or otherwise is often painful, heart-rending, personally challenging, and often results in a purging of some type. To venture into Shamanic work without a calling is to invite personal peril and consequences one may not be prepared to face, but payment is due if going there .. always. Trust me on this.  Peace!

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